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Regenerative Grazing – Outcomes and Obstacles

In this episode, Dave Scott and Lee Rinehart, both specialists with NCAT’s ATTRA – the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service – have a conversation about regenerative grazing.

In particular, Dave, who works out of NCAT headquarters in Butte, Montana, and Lee, a specialist at NCAT’s Northeast Regional Office in Keene, New Hampshire, explore Dave’s decision to move to regenerative grazing at his lamb operation near Whitehall, Montana.

The in-depth conversation gets into the process of making the transition and its benefits and obstacles, as well as pest management, fence-line weaning, and other concerns. They also talk about ATTRA resources that are available about the subject.

You can get in touch directly with Dave Scott and Lee Rinehart via email at daves@ncat.org and lee@ncat.org

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