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Farming near Klingerstown, Pennsylvania.

You can find additional information on a wide variety of sustainable agriculture topics in ATTRA publications and resource lists, as well as from agencies, universities and organizations. Links to some of the many available information sources are listed below.


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⇒ NCAT Publications



⇒ SARE Publications

The Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program is a U.S. Department of Agriculture-funded initiative that sponsors competitive grants for sustainable agriculture research and educationin a regional process nationwide. SARE is dedicated to the exchange of scientific and practical information on sustainable agriculture systems using a variety of printed and electronic communications tools. SARE’s Learning Center is a treasure trove of sustainable agriculture information—searchable by type of product and topic. Many publications are free online. Titles include: Building Soils for Better Crops; The Small Dairy Resource Book; Steel in the Field: A Farmer’s Guide to Weed Management Tools; and Managing Cover Crops Profitably.

Put Your Ideas to the Test: How to Conduct Research on Your Farm or Ranch
Outlines how to conduct research at the farm level, offering practical tips for both crop and livestock producers. Includes real-life examples and a comprehensive list of further resources. Co-written by a team of research scientists.

Marketing Strategies for Farmers & Ranchers
Offers snapshots of the many alternatives available for marketing your farm products, including farmers’ markets, pick-your-own operations, farm stands, entertainment farming, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA); cooperatives, sales to restaurants, and more.

A Whole Farm Approach to Managing Pests
This 20-page bulletin helps producers design farm-wide approaches to control pests. It lays out basic ecological principles for managing pests and suggests how to apply them to real farm situations — along with cutting-edge research examples and anecdotes from farmers using such strategies in their fields.

Links to USDA Sustainable Agriculture Programs


Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, National Agricultural Library
Know Your Farmer Know Your Food Compass
North Central Region SARE
Northeast Region SARE
Southern Region SARE
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program
Western Region SARE

Sustainable Agriculture Working Groups


Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (NESAWG)
Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (SSAWG)

Links to University and Extension Sustainable Agriculture Programs


Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC)
Iowa State University
Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems
University of California at Santa Cruz
Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
University of Wisconsin
Center for Profitable Agriculture
University of Tennessee
Center for Regional Food Systems
Michigan State University
Center for Sustaining Agriculture & Natural Resources
Washington State University
Colorado Building Farmers
Colorado State University Extension
Community Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture Program
University of Missouri
Cornell Small Farms Program
Growing Small Farms
North Carolina State University
Illinois Small Farms, University of Illinois Extension
Kansas Center for Sustainable Agriculture & Alternative Crops
Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
Research, publications, and links on energy and agriculture from Iowa State University.
Michigan State University Organic Farm Exchange
Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture
Missouri Beginning Farmers
Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
Ohio State University
Oregon Small Farms
Oregon State University
Organic and Sustainable Crop Production
University of Tennessee
Small Farm Program
University of California – Davis
Small Farms, Alternative Enterprises
University of Florida
Sustainable Agriculture at CAES
University of Georgia
The Center for Agroforestry
University of Missouri
UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
University of California
USDA National Agroforestry Center
UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture
University of Vermont
West Virginia Small Farm Center
WVU Extension Service
Women’s Agricultural Network

Links to Non-profit Organizations



Agroecology in Action
American Farmland Trust
Center for Rural Affairs
Community Food and Justice Coalition
Conservation Technology Information Center
Promotes and disseminates comprehensive data, research and materials related to conservation agriculture.
Ecological Farming Association
Farm Aid
Farm Commons
Farmers should be empowered to take action on the legal situations that affect their operations. Farm Commons provides educational resources to help farmers identify issues, break them down into manageable steps, and give them the confidence to move forward.
Farm Hack
Farmers’ Legal Action Group
Holistic Management International
HMI is a goal-oriented decision-making system for ecological management of resources, people, and capital.
Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy
National Center for Appropriate Technology
National Farm to School Network
National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
National Young Farmers Coalition
Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) International
Organic Farming Research Foundation
Homepage for OFRF (Organic Farming Research Foundation) and its highly visible SCOAR (Scientific Congress for Organic Agriculture Research) Project. Site features the results of OFRF organic farming surveys, a study of land-grant university support for organic research, information on biotechnology, and lots more.
Organic Fruit Growers Association
Organic Seed Alliance
Organic Trade Association
Homepage for the Organic Trade Association (OTA). OTA is the premier organization representing the US organic industry. The site has a large searchable database of organic businesses, including importers, exporters, buyers, suppliers, growers, and others.
Rodale Institute / New Farm
Rural Advancement Foundation International USA
The Land Institute
The Livestock Conservancy
Wild Farm Alliance
Women, Food and Agriculture Network

State or Regional

Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network
Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project
Beginning Farmer Network of Massachusetts
Berry Center
Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture
California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)
The homepage for California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) is a good source of information generally. The CCOF handbook can also be downloaded.
Carolina Farm Stewardship Association
Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture
Community Alliance with Family Farmers, California
Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture
Dakota Rural Action
Draft Animal Power Network
Farm to Table, New Mexico
Florida Organic Growers
Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Resources Management and Sustainability, North Dakota
Future Harvest – CASA, Maryland
GardenShare, New York
Georgia Organics
Growhio, Ohio
Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Oklahoma
Land Stewardship Project, Minnesota
Local Food Hub, Charlottesville, Virginia
Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, Wisconsin
Michigan Integrated Food & Farming Systems
Midwest Cover Crops Council
Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES)
NC Women of the Land Agriculture Network
Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society
Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance
Organization enabling organic dairy farmers to have informed discussion about matters critical to the well being of the organic dairy industry.
Northeast Organic Farming Association
Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society
Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
Practical Farmers of Iowa
Roots of Resilience–the Pacific Northwest Center for Holistic Management
Rural Roots
Rural Roots is a regional, 501(c)3 nonprofit food and farming organization dedicated to creating connections between sustainable producers, consumers, and other regional food and agricultural organizations.
Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Oklahoma
Southwest Marketing Network
Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota
Tennessee Organic Growers Association
Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
The Ethical Farming Fund
Tilth Alliance, Washington
Tilth Producers, Washington
Virginia Association for Biological Farming
Wallace Center at Winrock International


Links to State Sustainable or Organic Agriculture Websites


California Organic Program
The text of The California Organic Foods Act of 2003 can be downloaded from this site, as well as organic sales reports.
Energy and Sustainable Agriculture, Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Montana Organic Program
North Dakota Organic Advisory Board
Oregon Organic Certification Program
Organic Agriculture, Georgia Department of Agriculture
Organic Certification in Virginia
Organic Certification Program, Idaho Department of Agriculture
Organic Farming Information Center, New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets
Washington State Department of Agriculture Organic Food Program

Regional Centers for Rural Development


North Central Regional Center for Rural Development
Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development
Southern Rural Development Center
Western Rural Development Center

Links to Agricultural Directories and Virtual Libraries


AgNIC (Agriculture Network Information Collaborative)
Sustainable Agriculture Library

Links to Other Education Information


2012 Organic Land Grant University Assessment
Organic Farming Research Foundation scored Land Grant universities on eight points including maintaining organic research land, cultivating student organic farm, offering an organic minor, major or certificate, and employing a dedicated organic faculty or staff member. The report is online in PDF.
All Farmers Resources for Service Providers
All Farmers offers an online selection of resources for working with English Language Learners (ELL) and new American farmers.
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC)
AFSIC maintains the nationwide “Educational and Training Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture” directory which is searchable online by state, academic program or keyword.
How to Conduct Research on Your Farm or Ranch
This Sustainable Agriculture Network bulletin describes how to conduct research at the farm level, with practical tips for both crop and livestock producers, as well as a comprehensive list of more in-depth resources.
Making the Farm Connection: Farm-to-School Farm Visit Manual
Community Alliance with Family Farmers developed this manual to let farmers know what to expect when hosting a farm visit, and to prepare teachers and classes so that they may get the most out of their farm visit. The farm visit concepts outlined in this manual are best suited for students between second and sixth grades. The manual is available as a PDF file.
Meeting the Diverse Needs of Limited-Resource Producers: An Educator’s Guide
This 16-page bulletin from SARE is intended to be a resource for agricultural educators, heads of community development and agricultural organizations, government agency staff, and others who want to better connect with and improve the lives of farmers and ranchers who remain hard to reach. The free bulletin features nine success stories from around the country as a jumping off point for adapting innovative programs to varied areas. It also provides “how-to” ideas for educators, socio-economic characteristics/barriers to working with varied audiences, proven teaching methods and successful connection strategies.
National Farm to School Network
Sustainable Agriculture Resources and Programs for K-12 Youth
This 16-page publication from SARE, updated in 2011, is a guide to sustainable agriculture-oriented educational opportunities for schoolchildren that features more than 50 programs and curricula nationwide. The publication includes direct links, program contact information, and ideas for integrating lessons into school programs. It is available online in PDF.
The Western Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE) Farm Internship Curriculum
This curriculum was designed to be used by individual farmers during the course of the workweek. Ideally, a farmer will use the In-Field curriculum when he or she is demonstrating a new task to interns. Its companion Handbook was authored by Maud Powell and developed and tested by Oregon farmers and interns. It details successful methods of recruitment, hiring, negotiating with, training, and managing interns.

Links to Sustainable Agriculture Educational Programs


University and College Programs

100 Beef Cow Advantage Program and 100 Acre Farm Advantage Program
Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture
Agriculture, Food and Environment
Tufts University
Agroecology Concentration
University of Illinois
Agroecology Masters Program
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Agroecology Minor Program
North Carolina State University
Agroecology Program
University of Wyoming
Agroecology, Ethnobiology, and Sustainable Food Systems
Prescott College, Arizona
Agroecosystems Management Program
Ohio State University
Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems
University of California at Santa Cruz
Diversified Agriculture
Vermont Technical College
Dual Major in EcoGastronomy
University of New Hampshire
Ecological Agriculture Major
University of Vermont
Entrepreneurial and Diversified Agriculture Program
Marshalltown Community College, Iowa
Entrepreneurial Center for Horticulture and Sustainable Vegetable Production Program
Dakota College of Bottineau
Farmer Training Program
University of Vermont
Farming and Food Systems
College of the Atlantic
Food Hub Management Certificate Program
University of Vermont
Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture
Iowa State University
Integrated Resource Management
Colorado State University
Interdisciplinary Studies Program in Organic Agriculture
Colorado State University
Major in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
University of New Hampshire
Office of Continuing Professional Education
Rutgers University, New Jersey
Online Associate Degree in Sustainable Food and Farming
UMass Amherst Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Online Organic Agriculture Undergraduate Certificate
Washington State University
Organic and Sustainable Crop Production Minor
University of Florida
Organic Farmer Training Program
Michigan State University
School of Food and Agriculture
University of Maine
School of the New American Farmstead
Sterling College, Vermont
Sustainable Agriculture & Food Production Program
Green Mountain College, Vermont
Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems
Sterling College, Vermont
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Major
Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis
Sustainable Agriculture Associate Degree Program
The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute
Sustainable Agriculture Bachelor of Science
Unity College
Sustainable Agriculture Education Association
Sustainable Agriculture Program
University of Kentucky
Sustainable Agriculture Program, CAFNR
University of Missouri-Columbia
Sustainable Agriculture Program, CCCC
Central Carolina Community College
Sustainable Food & Farming
University of Massachusetts
Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems Program
Montana State University
Sustainable Food and Farming Emphasis / Program in Ecological Agriculture and Society (PEAS)
University of Montana
Urban Food Systems
Kansas State University

Organic Dairy

California State University, Chico Organic Dairy
Organic Dairy Research Farm, University of New Hampshire
West Central Research and Outreach Center, University of Minnesota

Other Training Programs

Hundreds of new support and training programs for beginning farmers around the country have been launched with funding provided by USDA’s Beginning Farmer & Rancher Development Program. The best place to learn about all these programs is the searchable Start2Farm clearinghouse, a comprehensive “one-stop” resource created and maintained by the National Agricultural Library in partnership with the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association
Aprovecho – Education for Sustainable Living
California Farm Academy
Central Illinois Farm Beginnings
Certificate in Applied Agroecology Program (online), MESA
Cultivating Success
Educational Courses, Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Resources Management and Sustainability
Farm Beginnings Nebraska
Farm Beginnings, Dakota Rural Action
Farm Beginnings, Land Stewardship Project, Minnesota and Wisconsin
Farm Link Montana
Farmer Training Initiative, Angelic Organics Learning Center
Food To Bank On – Bellingham, Washington
Groundswell Center for Local Food and Farming
Grower’s Academy, Virginia
Growing Farms: Successful Whole Farm Management, Oregon
Holistic Management International’s Beginning Farmers & Ranchers Program
Hudson Valley Farm Beginnings Program
Lake Superior Farm Beginnings, Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association
New Entry Sustainable Farming Project
New Mexico Farmer-to-Farmer Training Program
Northwest Agriculture Business Center
Organic Farm School, Women’s Environmental Institute
Permaculture Apprenticeship, PRI Cold Climate
Rogue Farm Corps
The Farm School
The Farm School for Women
Upstate School of Sustainable Agriculture
Virginia Certified Farm Seeker Program

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