Internship FAQ

Hello! We are happy to announce a new system to handle and display your internship listings! To help you transition, we have created a Frequently Asked Questions page we hope will help with some common issues.

How do I log in? My account is no longer working.

The new system requires an entirely new login and sign-up procedure. This means you’ll have to create an account following these steps:

  1. Go to login page and select “Log in with username and password”
  2. Under the white box, click “Register”
  3. Input an email and username and hit the register button
  4. Follow any other instructions that are sent to your email

My internship listing is missing, how do I find it?

Due to old and duplicate listings, your listing on the old page might not have been moved over to the new system. If you can’t find it and you’d like it to be moved over to the new site, reach out to us through our support email: Please include the name of your farm in the email.

Why does it say that I need a day pass when my yearly membership should still be active?

When we moved to the new service, we were not able to migrate every membership. If you have purchased a year membership that should still be active, or you have a recurring yearly membership not attached to your account, reach out to us through our support email: We will need the email you used when you initially purchased your membership.

How do I create a new internship listing?

To create a new internship listing, go to  and fill out the form. This page is located in the main navigation menu under “Internships” as “My Internships”. Important: To ensure that your listing is reviewed, press the “Submit” button as that shows us that a listing is ready to be published.

I need to step away from my computer, but I am not finished creating my listing, what do I do?

To save a draft when creating or editing a listing, press the “Save Draft” button at the bottom of the form. To continue editing the draft, go to My Internships, select the “Draft” tab and click the pencil icon.

How do I edit my existing internship?

To edit your internship listing, go to
Once there, three icons will appear to the right of each internship listing. These icons will be a Chain icon, a pencil icon, and a garbage can icon.

  • The chain will take you to the listings web page.
  • The Pencil will take you to the edit page,
  • The garbage can will delete the listing; be careful, as this is permanent.

I can find my internship listing, but why doesn’t it appear when I go to the edit page?

The move changed the authors on all of the internship listings, so to be able to edit an existing listing you will have to reach out to us through our support email: Please include the name of your farm and your username in the email.

Once my internship listing is filled, how do I remove the listing?

There are two ways to remove your listing from the active areas, one that is permanent and one that will allow you to reuse the listing later. To permanently delete the listing, go to and click the garbage can icon. To remove the listing from the site, but still be able to use it again later, click the pencil icon, and at the bottom of the page press the “Save Draft” button. Later when you want to update/post your listing to the site, go to the draft tab on My Internships and press the pencil icon.