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How can I lease my land and retain some control of the grazing?

Answer: One way to do this is through contract grazing, which involves grazing a customer’s livestock on your land for a fee. This approach allows you to control the stocking rate, recovery period, stocking density, and grazing residual.There are different ways to charge for your service. Some graziers charge on the basis of animal gain. This is a good approach if the grazier knows the animals involved and what their potential rate of gain is. However, it can be a bad deal if the livestock don’t have the genetics to gain well or if they have not been set up for compensatory gain. Other graziers charge by the day with the value of the forage, the animal’s weight, and their dry matter intake being known.To learn more, consult the ATTRA publication Grazing Contracts for Livestock. It discusses some of the issues involved with contract grazing, including pasture and grazing, the various classes of livestock, equipment, a sample contract, some of the economics to consider, and other resources available on the subject.