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How can I halter-break a calf?

Answer: First, constrain the animal and then put the halter on. Initially, you can tie the calf low to a post to begin the halter-training process. Leave her tied up for about five minutes every day and then gradually increase the time, so that she will stand there for 30 minutes. Always have her in sight, so that if she struggles, and looks like she may hurt herself, you can let her loose. Tie the rope halter so that it will always come loose with a tug. Here is a video explaining the process:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyMqnngaoDg The only thing I disagree with in this video is that they tie the calf high. I would not do that because the calf can break her neck in a freak accident.Once she is used to the halter and somewhat respects it, you can to teach her to lead. Two people are always better than one, with one in the rear and one in the front. Watch out for kicks if you are on the rear. Watch out that she does not run over you if you are on the front. Always keep a short lead (six to 12 inches). If she tries to run over you, turn her into you sharply, so that her direction is changed by 90 degrees. It is best to do this in a corral where she cannot go far and she knows it. If you lose control, just let her go. Try to always end on a good note. At first, just do it for a few minutes, extending the time as you go along. Remember, “a little, a lot” is always better than “a lot, a little.” You will teach the calf to lead in no time.Of course, it is best to teach a calf to lead when she is just a few months old, as they are much easier to handle. For more information, here is a good video on teaching a calf to lead.http://www.thejudgingconnection.com/pdfs/How_to_Halter_Break_a_Cow_and_Teach_it_How_to_Lead.pdf