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How can I get rid of Pleasing fungus beetles Triplax thoracica with natural predators or organic pesticides?

Answer: Common Triplax spp. feed on oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus spp.), which grow on dead logs. Chemical controls are not recommended, since mushrooms and their mycelia are very absorbent. These insects are not considered a major commercial pest, so very little research has been done on controlling their populations. Unfortunately, if you’re growing a colony of mushrooms, I think that sanitation is really your only option, unless you want to experiment with use of beneficial nematodes. I don’t know what kind of situation your mushroom rearing facility is, but in a situation such as this, I think you need to make sure that any access to the outside is very well screened to prevent future infestations. For your present crop of mushrooms, the facility needs to be cleaned out/sterilized to make sure that no larvae or pupae survive. Then you can start over with a new batch of logs or whatever substrate you’re using, and clean inoculant.In case you want to experiment with the use of beneficial (insect-eating) nematodes, I’ve listed some names of some formulations below, which include an insect-eating fungus, which you might wish to experiment with as well.Trade Name: Lawn PatrolActive Ingredient: Heterorhabditis bacteriophoraSupplier Info:Hydro-Gardens, Inc.P.O. Box 25845Colorado Springs, CO 80936-5845Email: hgi@hydro-gardens.comPhone: (719) 496-2266OMRI Listed: NoTrade Name: Naturalis-LActive Ingredient: Beauveria bassianaSupplier Info:Troy Biosciences, Inc.113 South 47th StreetPhoenix, AZ 85043Email: info@troybiosciences.comOMRI Listed: YesTrade Name: Nemasys LActive Ingredient: Steinernema krausseiSupplier Info:Becker Microbial Products, Inc.11146 NW 69th PlaceParkland, FL 33076Phone: (954) 345-9321OMRI Listed: NoTrade Name: Nematac SActive Ingredient: Steinernema scapterisciSupplier Info:Becker Underwood, Inc.801 Dayton AvenueAmes, IA 50010Email: request@beckerunderwood.comPhone: (515) 232-5907OMRI Listed: No