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Searchable Databases

internship directory icon

Internship Listings

Sustainable Farming Internships and Apprenticeships

A directory of on-the-job learning opportunities in sustainable and organic agriculture in the U.S. (and some in Canada) has been published since 1989 as a tool to help farmers and apprentices connect with each other.
Anyone can browse the listings for free. As a subscriber, you can build a personalized listing to connect with internship seekers. The listed farms are primarily seeking interns/apprentices from North America.

GAPS database icon

Food Safety

Find a USDA GAPS Auditor

Search this database to find a third-party or USDA GAPS audit contact. Includes a map with state contact information.

small poultry processors directory icon

Poultry Processing

Small Poultry Processing Plants and Services

This list is a joint effort of several nonprofit organizations to assist small poultry growers in finding poultry processors.

food banks directory icon

Food Banks

Food Bank Location Database

ATTRA has created a new, on-line food bank locations database. It is a searchable directory of foodbanks, food pantrys and agencies in North America. If you have food to share with a food bank but none are listed near you, please let us know.

local food directory icon

Local Food

Local Food Directories

This resource offers listings for local food directories and promotional programs that are trying to help agricultural producers connect with customers by compiling directories of local food sources that help buyers find goods and growers find markets.

biorationals directory icon

Pest Management

Biorationals: Ecological Pest Management Database

ATTRA has created a new, on-line pest management tool for farmers. This database highlights reduced risk materials that can be integrated with ecological pest management strategies.

soil testing icon

Alternative Soil Testing Laboratories

Directory of Alternative Soil Testing Laboratories

A searchable directory of soil testing labs and supplies that support the special analytical needs of farmers using organic or sustainable production methods.

livestock feed directory

Energy Alternatives

Directory of Energy Alternatives

A searchable directory of energy-related businesses, agencies, and non-profit organizations serving agriculture and rural people in North America.

livestock feed directory icon

Livestock Feed

Organic Livestock Feed Suppliers

This directory helps organic livestock producers locate sources of organic formulated feed rations or feed ingredients. You can search by state or by type of product.

measurements directory icon

Measurement Conversion

Measurements, Conversion Units and Calculations

This directory is a searchable collection of web sites that specialize in agriculture-related measurements and calculations, as well as general resources on metric conversions.

organic fertilizer and amendments directory icon

Organic Fertilizer

Sources of Organic Fertilizers and Amendments

This resource list is a guide to suppliers of bulk organic fertilizers and specialty soil and foliar amendments, and is geared to commercial farmers and market gardeners-especially organic producers.

sustainable agriculture directory icon

Sustainable Ag Resources

Sustainable Agriculture Organizations and Publications

This list of sustainable agriculture grassroots groups, nonprofits, and agencies is updated annually. State-by-state contacts for a broadly defined sustainable agriculture community are included to facilitate networking.

organic seed directory icon

Organic Seed

Directory of Organic Seed Suppliers

This database provides sources for organic seed of both agronomic and horticultural crops. Some national, mail-order suppliers of untreated seed are included, with the emphasis on small alternative seed companies offering open-pollinated vegetable, flower, and herb seed.


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This page was last updated on: November 10, 2016