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Can you suggest a way to get rid of wild onion?

Answer: Wild onion is a difficult weed to control because the hollow leaves are very waxy and repel spray materials very well. A combination of strategies may work best to help manage wild onion on your land.Hand pulling is an option if there are only small clumps. For best results, you should use a trowel, ditching spade, or trenching tool. In northern areas, many people often dig the wild onion in late fall when they are sure they are going to get a longer spell of freezing weather (in the 20o F range) and leave the bare bulbs on the surface to freeze for a good week to 10 days. There are also chemical options that work in turf grass settings. Each of these herbicides has restrictions on the type of grass they can be used on. Some people have found the glyphosate products to be weak on the onion/garlic weeds and the metsulfuron are labeled for use only by licensed landscapers. The “three-way” products can be readily purchased over the counter. The timing for control is ideal.For more information, see ATTRA publication Principles of Sustainable Weed Management for Croplands.