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Can you identify resources on equipment that can benefit a small vegetable farm?

Answer: The use of appropriate agricultural equipment and tools for small-scale intensive crop production contributes to the viability of the farm by enhancing production efficiency. Factors to consider when choosing appropriate agricultural equipment and tools include the location and growing conditions of the farm, the type of crops being grown, the production practices being used, and how the crops will be marketed.I would suggest looking at the ATTRA publication, Equipment and Tools for Small-Scale Intensive Crop Production. It details equipment and hand tools for soil preparation, planting, and weed management.ATTRA also produced a webinar on the subject titled Tools for Small-Scale Crop Production., which you should find useful. In this webinar, NCAT Agriculture Specialist Andy Pressman discusses the importance of investing in good-quality and well-designed tools, their different purposes, and how to use them to properly plant and maintain crops.Additionally, the ATTRA tutorial Scaling Up for Regional Markets includes a narrated lesson on this topic, titled “Equipment and Infrastructure” (lesson 6). The lesson discusses equipment and infrastructure related to scaling up, planning and investment options, tractor considerations, cooling and storage, and more. As with all of ATTRA’s tutorials, this lesson identifies additional resources, such as estimated equipment needs for different sizes of farm, a used tractor assessment, and an ag cost of capitol calculator.