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ATTRA Website Accessibility

General Statement

Every effort is made to ensure that pages and links to information on the ATTRA website are accessible. We use section508.gov and the WCAG 2.0 Best Practices site as guidelines and standards for making the ATTRA website as accessabale as possible. A text-only version is also available for every page on this website.


Breadcrumbs are used on the site. Breadcrumbs are a series of links that show the trail back to the home page.


Proper Headings are used on this website to show the hierarchy and organization of information on each page. Headings are used to help navigate through the pages.


Every effort has been made to write links that are unique and that make sense when read out of context.

Problems With Accessibility On This Website

If you are using assistive technology and are having problems with this website, please email the webmaster at webmaster@ncat.org or use our contact form. For any other website feedback please contact the ATTRA Support Team. Thank you.